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What is the full form of AUDI?

AUDI - Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt

What is the full form of AUDI ?

Audi is a German auto manufacturer positioned as the premium brand within the Volkswagen Group. Audi comes from the surname of its founder August Horch, his surname meaning "listen" in German--that, when translated into Latin, becomes Audi. The Audi logo of the four rings signify the four car companies (Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer), that banded together to make the company.

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What is the full form of AMW ?

AMW- Asian Motor Works AMW stands for Asian Motors Limited (AMW Motors Ltd.). It's a top HCV maker of India offering transportation solutions for India's fast-growing market. It manufactures a wide assortment of products for heavy-duty applications in mining, construction, power, highways, cargo transportation etc.. AMW was established in 2006. It's headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra. The founder and CEO of AMW is Mr. Anirudh Bhuwalka. AMW is certified to TS16949 by TUV. Its manufacturing facility located in Bhuj, Gujrat is spread over 2 million sq. meters. It generates a wide of vehicles for various civilian and defence applications. Its state-of-art manufacturing also has axles, meeting, drivelines, frame store, test centre and taxi painting facilities. The AMW's vehicles have been exported to the SAARC countries including Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

What is the full form of GOOGLE ?

GOOGLE- Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language of Earth Google Inc is a business that's often known for search engine as Google Search but aside form it is powerful search engine , it's a massive rage of applications such as Google Docs, Adwords, Adsense, youtube and a lot more. Google actually does not have full form formally, it is originating from a misspelling of the word "googol" so, a very huge number - the number 1 followed by one hundred 0.